Smocked Christmas Ornament - How To


Step One:

Cut a piece of fabric 7" x 45" Start pleating 2" from the edge and pleat a total of 9 rows. Pick a smocking pattern of your choice, using colors of your choice. Smock 7 rows leaving the top and bottom rows as holding rows.

Step Two:

Finished smocking

Step Three:

Remove all gathering thread except for rows 1&2 and 8&9. With ployester thread doubled, run a row of basting stitches above row 1 and 9. Cut off excess fabric. Line up smocking design and slip stitch together making a tube. Push 2" ball into tube.

Step Four:

Carefully pull up gathering threads to fit tube to 2" ball. Pull on polyester thread to make a smooth, firm top and bottom of 2" ball Thread needle and work thread through fabric.


Step Five:

Cut ribbon for top or make a double bow, or work the spider stitch to finish the ends.

Another way you can work your ornament is to finish the edges of you fabric before you pleat and leave the ends long, gather together with thread, tie with a bow and you have ruffled edges, very cute way to finish.


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